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Wineries: Top 10 Green Practices

Courtesy of Bay Area Green Business Program
  1. Start monthly "Green" committees.
  2. Recycle cardboard and shrink wrap through the use of balers.
  3. Install ozone systems to sterilize barrels. This eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals.
  4. Use high pressure/low volume cleaning equipment to reduce water usage.
  5. Reduce energy usage for cooling tanks by using refrigeration jackets.
  6. Purchase new equipment, such as: a. Vacuum pumps to eliminate water used in bottling operations b. Self-cleaning presses used in crush operations which reduce water use Both these purchases reduce energy usage.
  7. Use pumice and diatomaceous earth as compost in the vineyards.
  8. Protect against pests in vineyards naturally using permaculture gardens.
  9. Reuse waste water on vineyards and landscaping.
  10. Convert waste wine into marketable vinegar